"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair; we had everything before us, we had nothing before us; we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going the other way." -Charles Dickens
I had a night of inspiration about a week ago- it was wonderfully refreshing and enlightening. So much had been inside my mind and my heart for a long time and yet I felt I discovered it all right there under a starry night; it became clear, as I gave it a chance to and dared to put it into words, probably all thanks to the fact that there was someone who would never judge me attentively listening. Anyways...I'm happy. I love New Years Eve, it always gives me the feeling of the highly potential opportunity for greatness. This year is going to be great! It already is...

As the world and therefore ourselves face amazing challenges everyday, it becomes increasingly important that we remember the power we hold inside ourselves, the power to make whatever we choose to do from any and every situation and also- that we become aware of the fundamental role we play in the perfection of life, being crucial that we play our part in building the world we all deserve.

Sometimes we feel like our own life means little in the immensity of the universe and the infinity of existence...that's a mistake. It means everything: a single life holds all the power necessary to change everything. We need to acknowledge that and realize that if we don't like things in our own life or are saddened by the way things are going in the world that the power to change it is our own. Of course it is easier to agree with the fact that we hold the power to direct our own life's destiny than the fact that we are somehow related to everything that happens outside our home, whether around the corner or the Middle East. But it is a fact! I myself have been always somewhat frustrated with the fact that there's so little I can do to ease all the world's sufferings, and what I've come to realize has brought me peace and comfort, while inviting me to find more direct ways to do more. My point here is that I can see now how my every moment's behaviour with every person and creature that I come across with has a fundamental effect on the universe and that by acting on love I am participating in a positive way, promoting change and helping all of us remember that things can be completely different once we choose to live with love in mind and heart.

Living in the 21st century, with all that science and technology has accomplished, can sometimes be distracting. It is very easy to forget what is most important (love). It's easy to forget to take the time to think, to feel, to listen...we forget the power we each hold in our own smallness and we tend to think the solution is elsewhere, anywhere, but inside ourselves.

May 2009 be a time to remember and embrace. Empower love. The answer is inside ourselves!

Happy New Year!!!
maximus - 5. Jan, 07:58

uki, posiblemente tu post mas inspirado! me encanta el optimismo y estoy completamente de acuerdo: aunque cada uno forma solo una pequena parte del universo, hay la posibilidad de influir a su propia vida y de lo demas (y con esto viene una cierta responsabilidad).

timanfaya - 7. Jan, 04:12

"the fortune of your life depends on the nature of your mind."[marc aurel]

i'm not religious in the in the true sense of the word. but how older i get, i think the central inner idea of the story about the carpenter of nazareth is a great philosophy for a better world. one of maybe some good ways. the strength for our life tasks is always inside of our heart. and i think love is the answer for our whole future. "try not! do or not. there is no try..."

happy new year!


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Muchisimas gracias!
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